Materials machined :

  • processed steel
  • stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • plastic
  • Bronze
  • copper alu
  • titanium

Our profession :

  • Turning et milling
  • Assembly of subassemblies
  • crimping et bonding

Our company agrees in a process reliability in the field of various activities such as aeronautics, boating, or industrial valves.

SRMP Schleipfer

2023 Adjustment bench ( NIKKEN – E346+)
2018 4 axes horizontal 2nd center
2017 SRMP become SAS.
Hervé Schleipfer become manager of society
2016 Obtaining 5 axes vertical (YCM NSV 102A ) with digital hydraulic divisor 5 axes.
Machine of 3D control with head 5 axes.
2015 Obtaining EN 9100 certification
2011 4 axes horizontal first center
2008 Extension of premises to 1425m²
Expansion of the machine park and employee
2005 First turning machine with milling axes
2000’s New activities: Assembly of subassemblies
Expansion of the machine park
2000 ISO 9001 certification
First machining center palletized
Employee recruitment
1994 ISO 9002 certification
1990’s Mr Schleipfer performs a first internal quality manual
The new manager becomes Bruno Schleipfer
1990 Become an LLC
New premises of 800m²
1970 Ets Schleipfer founded by Max Schleipfer Rochefort


A staff of 12 persons at your service :

Director General Chairman :
Hervé Schleipfer
Manager :
Hervé Schleipfer
Sales manager:
Hervé Schleipfer
Sales production :

Quality manager :

Methods :
Myriam Quintard
Sales assistant :
Aurore Deschamps
Production :
7 operators and 1 storekeeper.